Deep Knowledge Ventures

About DKV

Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV) is based in Hong Kong and has teams in London, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. The fund primarily invests in healthcare, artificial intelligence, big data, and fintech. In 2014, DKV announced the use of VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life sciences), a machine intelligence that analyzes financial and scientific data to better inform investment decisions made by partners and the board of directors.

In 2015, Deep Knowledge Ventures launched the London-based Deep Knowledge Life Sciences (DKLS) fund to focus on disruptive biopharmaceutical, precision medicine, and AI healthcare companies. In partnership with scientists at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, DKLS aims to help solve the major global challenges related to demographic

The fund strategically invests in mission-driven companies and supports founders who will bridge the unaddressed translational gap between basic biological research and real-world healthcare products that extend healthy lifespan.

DKV aims to rethink the venture capital model and is involved with the development of blockchain technology, the digital crypto-economy, and AI through