Deep Knowledge Life Sciences

About DKLS

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences is a venture fund focused on regenerative medicine and biotech companies that address age-related disease.

We aim to help solve major global challenges related to demographic aging, the rise of age-related disease, and strive to integrate artificial intelligence with the deluge of biomedical data.

We strategically invest in mission-driven companies and support founders who will bridge the unaddressed translational gap between basic biological research and real-world healthcare products that extend healthy lifespan.


We invest in and guide early-stage ventures with disruptive potential in healthcare. We are not interested in incremental advancement — we embrace a warp-speed pace of development with a long time-horizon, and as a mission-driven firm we seek to maximize positive impact on the global healthcare system rather than merely short-term returns.


We invest in breakthrough technologies with a primary focus on anti-aging and personalized medicine.