Humaniq Launches

Dmitry Kaminskiy and Changki Park

We’ve had a great couple of weeks at Humaniq, due to the immense success of our ICO, and now our situation has gotten even better thanks to fortuitous negotiations with a fantastic company that shares our vision and our values. Humaniq has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BOScoin, the leading cryptocurrency platform in South Korea.

This will be a very close relationship, with Humaniq and BOSchain sharing strategic resources, technical knowledge, and ICO experience. Perhaps more importantly, this partnership will support both organizations in achieving our mutual goal of building a network of operations worldwide. BOScoin will use their in-depth cultural and business insights to support Humaniq’s Asian expansion, while Humaniq will support BOScoin’s European and North American expansion.

Humaniq is on an ambitious mission to bring new blockchain powered mobile financial inclusion to help two billion unbanked people worldwide. Using biometric ID to establish user credentials, we are circumventing the roadblock of formal documentation that keeps so many deserving people from having access to financial services.

Dmitry Kaminskiy, the co-founder and chairman of Humaniq, is leading this partnership with Dinis Guarda CEO of Humaniq. Besides Humaniq, Dmitry is a Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures investment fund focused on Artificial Intelligence and DeepTech.

Mr. Kaminskiy recently visited South Korea to make a speech on the application of AI in Finance at the Seoul “Future Finance Forum”. During his visit, the Asia AI Hub organization was established in partnership with: Korean BlockChain Community, Seoul National University, Suwon University, Emerging Future Institute, and UN Future Forum.

“South Korea is a powerful technological global leader and we are very excited to work with one of its leading digital and blockchain organizations BOScoin. This strategic partnership will allow us to leverage both our blockchain smart contract driven organisations and establish protocols that will grow both our footprints, businesses and operations in a sustained and strategic level.” — Kaminskiy

BOScoin is a “Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform” that utilizes Smart Contracts and the Congress Network for perpetual adaptation. BOScoin’s mission is to create a powerful and effective self-governing ecosystem.

The BOS Platform was founded by Changki Park (CEO). Changki Park is a serial fintech entrepreneur who also founded Paxnet, Inc., and Finger, Inc., two major fintech companies in Korea. He worked at Samsung for 14 years, and was also the former head of the Financial Engineering Research Center at the State University of New York’s South Korea campus.

“BOScoin is a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform. With so many advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computers; it’s impossible for us to predict the future. Which is why BOScoin is designed to evolve.” Changki Park (BOScoin CEO)

Let’s talk a bit more about BOScoin. They’re operating on a new concept called the Trust Contract. So what is it, fundamentally? A Trust Contract is a form of digital contract that is built with OWL(Web Ontology Language) and TAL(Timed Automata Language). The main reason they chose the OWL technology is to provide decidability to the Trust Contract. This is a very different approach from the smart contracts, which are based on a virtual machine and provides a Turing complete programming environment. Then we added the Timed Automata model to escape logical programming errors. Since automata is a finite state model, using TAL will prevent creating a malfunction of the contract.

There are several benefits to using a Trust Contract. BOScoin believes that the general public should be able to write contracts. However, the current smart contracts are only able to be written and read by programmers. Reading and writing contracts should not be a privilege. Trust contracts separate the contents of the contract into a human-readable language by using the SDLang, which makes the OWL easier to write and read. Basically, OWL and TAL separate the declarations from the processing just like what was happening in the beginning of the Internet.

For a much deeper dive into BOScoin, I highly recommend reading their FAQ.

On behalf of the entire team here at Humaniq, I want to extend a warm welcome to Changki Park and BOScoin. Together our companies can achieve great feats.

Humaniq launched their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on April 6, and plans to run it until April 26. This Ethereum-based financial services app project has raised over $4.3 million with its ICO.

BOScoin is launching its own ICO on May 10th, 2017 (GMT) that will last 41 days until June 20th 2017. In total 276,093,688.786 coins will be distributed during BOScoin Initial Coin Offer:

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