Humaniq ICO highlighted in top ICOs Infographic!

Humaniq has been highlighted as one of the most successful initial coin offerings by the leading FinTech blog.

Lets Talk Payments says our sale of was in the 20 most successful of the many ICOs for new projects using distributed ledger technology over the last two years, raising $5.1m in total. We are happy at this independent recognition: it was a big vote of confidence in our project to connect 2 billion people without bank access to the global economy. Humaniq is now in the top 10% of all cryptocurrencies, as valued by the market, in the face of intense competition — with 876 now available altogether.

Aman Trivedi, writing for Lets Talk Payments, says ICOs give those who believe in a project a liquid asset, the vast majority of which sell above their price at the time of the offering. He says they are a “potentially revolutionary trend for supporting companies/networks/technologies one believes in,” without relying on venture capital.

Humaniq chose to hold an ICO because we believed it was fair to allow everyone to invest in our project, which has the potential to change the lives of 2 billion people. People responded so positively to the crowd sale this spring after we set out our vision in a white paper to break down barriers faced by those without banks to earning, spending and accessing finance. We harness the power of Blockchain technology to put users in control of all of their transactions and start taking part in the digital economy.

As Trivedi says, the network effects of cryptocurrencies pave the way for “substantial adoption and value appreciation”. Our egalitarian mission allows for an increase in cryptocurrency by widening the supply of digital money and making access easier and less complex than for other cryptocurrencies. We will issue Humaniq coins to up to 2 billion users, and all that is needed to start using the app is a camera to take a picture of the user’s face.

Our aim is to make Humaniq the de facto currency of the huge swathes of the world that are currently shut out of the 21st Century economy, where people have to rely on using traditional money day-to-day. We are glad that, as the ICO demonstrated, so many share in our vision to open up opportunities to people to undertake remote work, to save, and to access micro-finance. A vision that will also reward those holding the first Humaniq coins as it is fulfilled.

Connecting more and more people to the digital economy will also give manifold new opportunities to startups and other businesses to access new customers, making Humaniq an essential underpinning to growth and expansion in the Global South.