Dmitry Kaminskiy

Dmitry Kaminskiy

Deep Knowledge Ventures Managing Partner

Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur and investor who is active in the fields of BioTech, FinTech, BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence. He is cofounder and managing partner at the Deep Knowledge Ventures investment fund, focused on investments in AI and DeepTech, globally known as the first company to appoint artificial intelligence to its board of directors.

Dmitry is a thought leader in the field of ultra-innovative technologies. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of AI and Longevity. During the last year he spoke at conferences organized in London by The Economist “Aging Societies and The Business of Longevity”, Financial Times “Smart Machines vs Smart People”, at the Future Finance Forum in Seoul “AI in Finance” and several others at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

He strongly believes in the fact that humans should live longer healthier lives. His biggest interest is anti-aging and healthy longevity, which he has engaged in business, research, and public activities. Mr Kaminskiy is well known for his support of life extension think-tanks in Oxford and Cambridge universities and many other non-profit activities. His one million dollar prize for the first person to reach their 123th birthday went viral, and was covered by the world’s top media.

Dmitry adheres to the principal of “Impact Investment” in all his business activities, believing that business should act to have significant impact for social good. His activities in both business and the non-profit sector are aimed at the shared goal of advancing exponential and disruptive technologies to accelerate positive paradigm shifts in finance, healthcare and AI.

Dmitry professes great support for the concept of BlockChain for social good, which led to his decision to support the Humaniq Bank project from its inception.



Mr. Dmitry Kaminskiy serves as the Managing Director and Senior Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures. Mr. Kaminskiy has deep Knowledge Ventures. He co-founded and helped finance the Center for Biogerontology and Regenerative Medicine at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Mr. Kaminskiy serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees of The Biogerontology Research Foundation.


National Research University of Electronic Technology / MIET


Managing Partner

Deep Knowledge Ventures

Managing Trustee

Biogerontology Research Foundation

Founding Partner

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences




Key points that I have covered during panel discussion at the Financial Times conference on the AI topic (FT Innovate)
Presentation on the Second 2014 Symposium "Big Data Science in Medicine. Accelerating Preventive Medicine".


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